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Related article: Date: Thu, 25 May 2000 00:04:15 GMT
From: John Slut Boy
Subject: GAY SLUT ADVENTURES (5TH IN SERIES)Each of the Gay Slut Adventures stories is true. They are posted at the
orders of my Master, every sexual encounter is to be documented and
reported upon his approval. My Master also encourages your ideas for my
adventures please e-mail me with what slut adventure you feel I should
take. I will present it to my master for his approval and will carry it
out if given permission.Master wants me to let everyone know I will be in the Baltimore area the
week of May 22, 2000.Today Master put me on a plane to Baltimore MD, and to make sure i remember
my place while i'm away Master decided that slut boy needed some of
Master's decipline before i left.Master woke the slut up at 4:00 am in order to make sure i had plenty of
time to get ready and dressed for my trip to Baltimore. The boy was
ordered to the shower to wash off the dried cum the Master had left between
the boys legs from the night before.boy was given 15 minutes to wash and dry off so Master could finish getting
his boy ready for the trip. Master had my clothes all laid out when i got
out of the bathroom. White T-shirt with, tight 501 jeans, a cock ring, and
black vintage children nudism
boots. i was given 10 minutes to be dressed and ready to go to
breakfast, Master was treating me to McDonalds before i got on the plane.Master said he had a special surprise for me when we got to McDonalds, and
said he knew i would enjoy my breakfast. When we got there Master gave me
the money to order for Him and i. i was to order my choice of breakfast
and 2 hash brown patties for myself. I returned to where Master was
sitting and was told to get the napkins and to bring him the two empty
ketchup cups for my surprise.When i illegal childporn brought them back sex pictures childfuck to Master i was given the cups and told to go the
restroom in the stall and jack off and milk my cum into the cups. i stood
shocked, adult child manipulator Master was wanting me to fill my ketchup cups with my cum in a the
restroom. i could tell Master was becoming inpatient as i stood there
speechless. i didn't want to upset the Master as the punishment would i
know would be worse.i felt my dick start to harden and the tightness of the cock ring child sex 14yo begin to
evolve as my cock grew harder. Each pulse filling my slut dick that would
soon be filling these cups with my cum that had been reserved in my aching
balls for the last few days. Master had made sure his boy did not waste
his cum until this very morning for this event. He had been planning it
all along.i was given until the food arrived to milk the cream from my cock, Naked male children
i had to
hurry and not keep Master waiting. i made my pussy children nude way to the restroom where i
had the luck of a locking bathroom where i could stroke in private and with
furry. i immediately yanked out my cock through my fly and pumped
furiously for about 20 strokes until i knew my dick would spew out my load.
Being alex childlover careful to catch every drop i held japan children porno the tip of my cock tight and
carefully filled two cups full of cum. i hurried back to the Master cock
still throbbing hard and bulging in my tight jeans to show him my
accomplishment. A wet cum spot marking my jeans where the last few drops
soaked through.Master was proud of his boy and smiled. As i was preparing to dispose child sex 14yo
my boy juice Master asked why i thought why my boy seed should be wasted in
a filthy trash can. i asked Master what i was to do with it. He indicated
that a good slut boy would recycle, would use it as a special sauce child video porno to
enhance the boys breakfast. i was confused. Was i hearing what i thought
i was?Our number was called and Master told me to get the food and christ child erection bring it back
to the table. As i returned Master told me to take one of the cups of my
cum and spread it on my breakfast sandwich. I didn't know what to do. i
was so embarrassed to be seen dumping my boy sauce on to my biscuit
sandwich. i was too slow, Master did it for me! He placed my bun back on
my sandwich and told me that now I had my own cum and sausage breakfast
sandwich.Master told me to enjoy! As i started to eat my cum laced sandwich Master
said iligal children fack that the remaining cup of cum was to be used as dipping sauce for my
hashbrowns, ketchup wasn't good enough for his boy, and that every drop was
to be cleaned out of both cups before i was allowed to breakfast covered in my own jism, how free childrens porno humiliating. i have many times
eaten Masters cum direct from his loving cock and even eaten my own cum off
Masters chest, but never off of my own breakfast.i could taste my body fluid on my meal, Master was hentai child porno smiling and telling me
what a good boy i was with every bite. my McCum meal washed down with a
diet coke.As we drove to the airport and checked in i had given little thought as to
what i might be in for next, until we arrived at the security check point
and then i realized why the Master had selected the metal cock ring.i turned to children cunt porn the Master in horror as i realized what was going to happen. i
asked the Master what i was going to do, he smiled and said that "IF" the
detector goes off i would have to explain what was hanging around my cock
and balls.As we approached i begged report child porn
the Master to let me please remove the cock ring
before i went through, and happily declined. As we went though the thick
cock ring naturally set of the alarm and I was directed to remove all my
objects from my pockets and step to the woman with the wand.She frisked my body with her wand and detected the cause of the alarm which
was of course coming from my crotch. Master watched as his boy explained
to the agent that i was wearing a metal ring "jewelry" i explained. I was
escorted to a private room where a male guard was required to examine my
"jewelry" for verification. I was mortified at having to explain each time
my cock set of that alarm. I was cleared to finally go through to my gate.Master said I was a good slut boy and that I should now feel free to enjoy
myself in Baltimore. Master sent a camera with me to make sure I take
pictures of any slut adventure i have there.
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